Verify and validate social security numbers on-line or with our high-speed batch software. Verify ID of your customers. Comply with Patriot Act section 326 and enhance know your customer programs. Locate missing heirs and policyholders as well as update your mailing lists. Get more information about validating social security numbers, Patriot Act Compliance, ID Verification, Deceased SSN Processing, Fraud Audits and Social Security Number Software.

Verifying Identity With a Web site Application

Do you have persons applying for a service or product on your web site and need to verify their identity real-time without manual intervention?

All of our services can be integrated by your adding an xml or DotNet script on your site linked to our server. You can ask your customer to enter their name, address and last 4 digits of their social security number or just their name and last 4 digits of their ssn. When the information is submitted on your web site and transmitted to our server a response can be returned within a few seconds verifying the information is confirmed or not. You can then determine what the next course of action will be followed on your web site. This process is all done in the back ground quickly and securely with minimum inconvenience to your potential new customer.

If you do not have a ssn or partial ssn to work with we can verify the name and address only. After you submit the persons name and address we can verify the address, as well as provide a partial ssn if needed.

The Social Security Numbers assigned file is updated monthly, the Death Master (DMF) file is updated weekly, and the OFAC / SDN files are updated every 24 hours. The online name and address files are continuously updated.

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