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Social Security Number (SSN) Validation and Death Master File Search
Social Security Number (SSN) Validation and Death Master File Search
E-Mail Form
E-Commerce ID Validation
Bankruptcy Reports and filings Instant search
E-Commerce Social Security Number Validation and ID Verification.
Deceased file processing / Death Master File Scrub
E-Commerce ID Validation and Verification
Post Office Box Ownership - who gets mail at any PO Box address
Address validation - delivery verification
Social Security Administration Randomization Project
Medical License Verification - NPI Identifier
DotNet Custom Application for Veris ID Validation Services
Red Flag Identity Compliance Solutions
Obituary Search.
High Risk Address Processing
OFAC / SDV Screening Services and applications
Death Master File Certification
Veris Social Security Number Challenge Response Validation
Custom Software Applications for SSN Validation and ID Verification
Frequently asked questions
How we are different from similar ID Verification Services
How we use the data you submit
Privacy Notice
Reverse Phone Number ID Search
Useful Links
Verifying Identity With a Web site Application
Which Veris ID Validation service would best address your company needs.
How do some customers use the Veris SSN and ID Validation services?
Can you send more informatrion about the services
How much do the Veris ID Validation Services cost?
What if I have only a few records to check.
How do I report misuse of my Social Security Number?
How do I get a Social Security Number?
How do I find out what my childs Social Security Number is?
Can I get a new or different Social Security Number?
Can I get a copy of my credit report through your service?
Social Security Number Validation Batch Processing Services
Veris Network Applications