Verify and validate social security numbers on-line or with our high-speed batch software. Verify ID of your customers. Comply with Patriot Act section 326 and enhance know your customer programs. Locate missing heirs and policyholders as well as update your mailing lists. Get more information about validating social security numbers, Patriot Act Compliance, ID Verification, Deceased SSN Processing, Fraud Audits and Social Security Number Software.

Veris SSN Validation Services Answers
Frequently Asked Questions

2. How do some of your current customers use the Veris services?

A: Our customers use the Veris services in a wide variety of industry and government settings. These include insurance companies, banks, federal, state and local governmen t agencies, colleges and universities, stock brokerages, temporary employment agencies, credit card processors, mortgage companies, retirement program administrators and "dot com" companies (companies who conduct business primarily over the internet). In short, anyone who depends on the accuracy of the social security numbers in their record files can improve that accuracy through the use of one or more of the Veris services.

By clicking on the selections below, you can read about how Veris services have helped some of our customers. The last selection listed describes how the U.S. Department of Labor has found that validating SSNs can prevent the inappropriate disbursement of unemployment benefits. To discuss the needs of your company specifically, please feel free to contact us using the contact information at the top left of this page.

* State of Michigan Benefits from Veris Services

* New Jersey Department of Labor Uncovers Massive Fraud Operation through Use of Veris Services

* Verification of Social Security Numbers Could Prevent Unemployment Insurance Payments to Illegal Aliens (From the Office of Inspector General, U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Audit)

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