Verify and validate social security numbers on-line or with our high-speed batch software. Verify ID of your customers. Comply with Patriot Act section 326 and enhance know your customer programs. Locate missing heirs and policyholders as well as update your mailing lists. Get more information about validating social security numbers, Patriot Act Compliance, ID Verification, Deceased SSN Processing, Fraud Audits and Social Security Number Software.

E-Commerce ID Validation

Social Security Number Validation
One-at-a-Time or In Batches

You can process Social Security Numbers SECURELY online with your web browser or XML connection. The time to retrieve a record online is less than two seconds after you log on. For most users this is the preferred method since there is not any software or file update involved. The operator simply logs in and enters the Social Security Number to receive information about whether or not the number was assigned, where it was assigned and if the person to whom it was assigned has since been reported as deceased to the Social Security Administration. We can also return the individuals name, address, former addresses, date of birth, phone number and at the same time screen the name against the U.S. Treasury Department OFAC and SDN lists for Patriot Act Compliance requirements.

If you do not have a SSN to work with we also have name search capability. After you submit the persons name we can return address, social security number, date of birth and phone number. In addition we will screen the name against the U.S. Treasury Department OFAC and SDN lists when we update every 24 hours. As an added option, you can submit only the name and last 4 digits of the ssn. We will return the name, address, previous addresses, and OFAC screening. This is ideal for Applications taken on-lime where persons wisely do not want to submit their full ssn.

Some of our clients use this service for Social Security Number (SSN) validation, SSN Trace, E-Commerce ID Verification, Death File (DMF) processing and U.S. Patriot Act Compliance requirements.

The Social Security Numbers assigned file is updated monthly, the Death Master (DMF) file is updated weekly, and the OFAC / SDN files are updated every 24 hours. The online name and address files are continuously updated.

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