Verify and validate social security numbers on-line or with our high-speed batch software. Verify ID of your customers. Comply with Patriot Act section 326 and enhance know your customer programs. Locate missing heirs and policyholders as well as update your mailing lists. Get more information about validating social security numbers, Patriot Act Compliance, E-Commerce ID Verification, Deceased SSN Processing, Fraud Audits and Social Security Number Software.

Social Security Number Validation Batch Processing
Deceased file processing, SSN validation, E-Commerce ID Verification

You can perform SSN batch validation SECURELY over the Internet via a web browser or simple XML transfer in addition to using our software on your computer. The time to process a file is about two seconds or less per record after connection is made. For most users this is the preferred method to process small to moderate size files since there are not any software or file updates involved.

The SSN validation batch option also has single-user application software that can screen SSNs one-at-a-time, interactively or the operator may select a batch processing option that checks batches of social security numbers virtually instantly. When the batch option is selected, Veris reads records from a disk file and produces a report file with the complete validation results.

Our customers use the SSN validation batch option for a variety of tasks: processing a large number of credit applications, detecting clerical errors in databases, identifying invalid numbers and numbers that have been retired in client or employee files. Veris identifies error and fraud that might result in IRS compliance fines, hiring of undocumented workers and monetary losses due to misappropriated benefits. This option is ideal for users that have a need for on line high volume SSN validation / verification, deceased file processing, ssn trace / people locate and E-Commerce ID Verification. The batch option software is available for all Windows, Macintosh and Solaris computer systems. The software featuring the Veris SSN validation batch option supports both 2 and 4 digit year representations.

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